Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker


What’s up Tribe! Welcome to another edition of growth Fridays. I’m your host Rocco Savage. This week is all about tracking habits.

We’ve got a free download for you. A couple of sessions ago, we talked about the identity inventory; taking stock of where you are today, and then painting that picture of where you want to go and who you want to become.

And then being able to bridge that Gap and talking about different tactics within the identity inventory, to start understanding what your thoughts are, what your feelings are and what actions and habits you are currently taking.

So we’re going to dive into that a little bit today, but really most of us that are looking for a habit tracker already know the importance of tracking habits, but let’s just reconfirm that.

Why track habits?

Well, the big piece here is you tracking habits is all about keeping score of what you did do and what you didn’t do so you can evaluate change.

It’s also all about celebrating small wins. Sometimes, we have these goals that are two to three years out; whether it’s a health goal or business goal, etcetera, and there’s not too much celebration in between because we have these massive goals.

So tracking habits can be an easy way to get this little bit dopamine hits, taking 10 to 15 minutes at the end of the day just to click through PDF or just X off the days in which you did do something, feels great at the end of the day. So that’s the importance of it.

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become” – James Clear

 Now, this is a phenomenal quote from James Clair, the author of ‘Atomic Habits’. It’s a great book on habits and the importance of it. It goes through so many different modules around habits. I think he’s done a great job on that book.

I bet with some of us who took inventory of our habits today, we might not like the result of those and chances are, that might not be why we’re where we want to be.


The real idea here is to really understand the importance of this and put it into action. At the end of the day, stats don’t lie. Habits are your stats for who you are – sort of like a baseball card. With these cards, you got beautiful brace Harper on the front here and there’s always this great picture of an athlete on the front.

But the back of the card actually tells the false stories, doesn’t it? Because that’s where the stats lie. Lucky enough for braces and MVP, he’s got a big old paycheck. He’s a great athlete but you and I both know there’s a bunch of athletes that don’t quite have the stats of Bryce Harper on the back and sometimes that’s us, you know, sometimes, we’re a mix of Bryce Harper in certain areas of our life or mix of someone else in other areas of our life.

When to Track Habits

When to track habits is really two times: when building habits. When you’re trying to shift into a new daily regimen or trying to become something new, you definitely want to track your habits then and, secondly, when breaking habits, you want to track habits. That means you’re trying to get rid of whether it’s smoking or whatnot, right?

If you keep tracking the days that you haven’t done it, you can look back and ensure that that that happened especially things you forget about.

When to stop tracking habits

You stop to track habits basically until you no longer need to think about doing a habit. Which means, you are unconsciously competent. You think about stages of learning – as you probably know, the fourth stage of learning is unconscious competence.

What that means is you know it. It’s in your body, you can do it without thinking, sort of like breathing things of that nature where you don’t even have to think about. For instance, I get up and I walk my dog. I don’t even think about it. I don’t have to remember to walk them. It just I get up and it’s automatic.

So that’s not a habit I need to think about, hence I don’t need to track.

Another way to frame it is when it is who you are. You can stop tracking habits when you’ve become the person that you want to become; the person that gets up 6:00 a.m. every day, does his morning routine, keeps bouncing throughout the day, kisses his wife on the way home, cooks dinner, you know, you name it.

Whatever habit it is that you want to change when it becomes who you are, you can go ahead and stop doing it.

The Monthly Habit Tracker

So this is the monthly habit record download. It is very simple and straightforward. We do have weekly habit tracking in our action plan template or you can tie it to goals and what not. Walk backwards from goals to figure out the type of habits that you want to track – if that’s something you need.

Perhaps, check that course out if you’re just looking for just a monthly habit tracker. This is super simple and straightforward. You can go ahead and put in your month and year, that is, what habits you are looking to go ahead and track.

There is a checkmark for each day of the month. So instead of doing weeks or what not, you keep it simple. Once through at thirty one, you can go ahead and total it at the end of the month and ensure that you reach your goal.

So I hope this is helpful. Go ahead and download it. Fill it out. Start tracking your habits. As always, give me feedbacks. Hit me up. Shoot me an email. I’m here to help.


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