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How to Set Goals and Create a Compelling Future


What’s up, tribe? Welcome to yet another edition of growth Fridays. I’m your host, Rocco Savage. This week we are tackling the topic of ‘how to create a compelling future for yourself’. In order words, you’ll be taught how to set goals). A couple of weeks back, one of the tribe members said ‘I’m having trouble creating a compelling future’ and I thought, ‘man, this would be a great topic’ because we have a lot of information on this already.

In one of our products known as Launchpad, we go through this entire process, which I’m going to go through with you today.

What you’re going to learn is three steps on how to set goals and how to create a real vision for yourself which at the end of the day is a compelling future. So with that said, let’s dive in.

What I discovered from some Goal setting studies

So we want to go over a couple of stats first.

Did you know that about ninety-two percent of individuals who set New Year’s goals never actually achieved them? This simply goes to show that it’s not always just about setting goals, but it’s also about taking actions and going after them.

But that is just one staggering statistics that I found challenging because if we have the right tools and if we have the right processes in place and the right accountability, this would never happen.

However, the great news is we got a lot of work to do here on goalsetting.org, especially with these types of stuff.

More staggering statistics have revealed that 83 percent of a particular population does not have a goal. Actually, just 14% have a plan in mind but are unwritten goals (which are is just about as good as not having goals) and then finally, 3 percent actually have goals written down.

If you go through this process in the Launchpad and you actually do the steps on your own, you’re going to be top 3% while just getting started. So that’s exciting news for you if you do commit and if you do take action.

What is Vision?

So again, what we’re going over here is how to create a clear vision for the future. In order words, how do you set a goal?

And below is a great quote in my opinion which answers and explains what vision is.

‘Do you have a clear mental image of who you will be in the future? Your vision is a picture of what you aspire to – and what inspires you – in your work life.’ – Berkely University

When we think about Vision, sometimes it’s not that tangible object – a measurable goal that we’re thinking about. Rather it’s a picture in our mind. And I’ve heard a million times people say, ‘oh I can’t picture it in my head.’ Well, sure you can.

You might not be an optimist where you think about the future within rose-colored glasses but chances are you do worry and all worry is envisioning the worst.

What you’ve got to do is work on envisioning a much better future and maybe not worrying so much. You know the whole point there is just to let you know that every single one of us can create a picture for what’s going to happen. It is left for you to choose if it’s going to be a positive Vision or you’re going to worry and think about the worst.

So that’s essentially what a vision is. Now vision is part of the future so our goals. And I want to explain a bit what I mean by that. What we’re going to go through here is basically step 3 and 4 from the product we have called Launchpad.

Step three is Future. Step four is: taking stock of your past. If you take a critical look at it, this is actually a full way to kind of get your life together.

As a matter of fact, that’s the idea behind this product. But for this specific topic, we’re going to go through step 3.

But anyway, Step one is: taking stock of your past.

Step two is: understanding your present. So understanding exactly where you are to go to create a picture for yourself.

Step three is: creating a future.

And then, step four is kind of bridging the Gap between where you are now – which is your present and, then your future; which is where you want to be. And we talked a lot about this because you know, it’s my belief that this is what coaching is about. That is, it’s about understanding where someone is in Life or they want to go. And then we kind of plan the middle into thinking through your thoughts, feelings and actions.

And eventually conditioning you into becoming that person. Right? So and we are providing a free download; it should be on this page for you to download this specific PDF and use it yourself.

So let’s get started.

Ways to set goals and create a future using the Launchpad free download excerpt

The first part of creating a future for yourself is actually capturing what it is that you want. So we’ll go through this process.

Step two is all about breaking what it is that you want in the future down to five-year goals, three-year goals and one-year goals.

And then after that, we’re going to discuss the three key drivers behind any real Vision or goal and we’re going to take a one-year goal and show you how to break that into these three key drivers that will serve you and help you. Get the form formulaic, you know the idea of what it takes to do this.

So let’s go ahead and hop in.

Once again, step one here is capturing the future. Now the idea here is you want to get into what’s called a ‘peak state.

So maybe go exercise, go run, get your body pumping, get your mind racing, get some happy chemicals going in your mind to where you can envision a positive future and you can just start to think about the things that you want; whether it is a ‘things’ goal; something that you want for yourself, something that you want in your relationship; something that you want in your health, anything that you want to bring into your life whether it is a fancy car or to end child slavery. Anything. Don’t feel bad about it. Just write it down.

And the idea here is to start capturing and capturing and capturing and capturing these goals that you want in life. And then, once you run out of everything that it is that you want then we’re going to start deciding on the years that you want these goals.

Some are five-year goals, some are three-year goals, some are one-year goals. What this is going to allow you to do is break this down into a systematic future for yourself to start to understand. Okay, ‘you know over these next five years, these are the types of goals that I want to achieve.’

Maybe it is a radical shift and finances that you can set for yourself. Maybe it’s graduate college. Maybe it’s to get your Master’s maybe it’s too you know, eventually, get married and have a family which you know kind of takes a while, right?

So, those are five years of goals. Two years goals are a little bit closer, something that you could maybe find more tangibly. All of us see time differently: some of us think in terms of minutes, hours, years, decades, etcetera, but the idea is to start to create a plane here and then it has one-year goals – things that you might want to achieve within the year. That might be a small Health goal or you know if you do have a lot of work to do on your health that might be a 3 4 year goal.

Especially maybe you have 1020 pounds that you could shed over the next 20 years or if you want to gain weight or gain muscle, whether you have a quota that you want to hit in your business and your work or to start a new business or get a business off the ground or to start dating again.

Once you get these goals put in, you’re going to have a clear understanding of essentially all of these different things that you want to do or achieve or become in your life. And you’re just capturing this future this vision and, perhaps, as you start to think about this you’re going to get a picture in your mind of how life could be and that picture is your vision.

It is your vision. It’s no one else’s and everybody’s vision seems to be a little bit differently. I’ve had people that envisioned their life in terms of relationships. The big one thing that they think about is, “man, I just envisioned a family or I’m playing with my kids where I’m conversing with my husband and my wife.” Some people think in terms of career, like how I envisioned myself walking into this big office and making decisions and sitting behind this massive desk or envision myself on an island talking to nobody by myself while enjoying my life.

 I think in terms of places, I think in term of I guess travel per se, you know, right now I’m living in Spain because I’m doing a remote year with my wife. And it’s something I’ve envisioned for a long time. So I got here and I’ve done this multiple times.

I wanted to live in Miami overlooking the water and I got there then I wanted to have a Penthouse apartment in Manhattan. Then I got that and everything else is kind of surrounded that and, I’ve had other goals but it’s always been kind of that one thing on top of my head that drives. The rest is just like envisioning where I’m going to be living in how I’m going to be living my life, right?

So, once you start to break this down, you’re going to get a clear understanding of what the vision is for your life and it might take a couple of times, you know, it might not come out to the first time.

But once you get that Vision, then you’re going to start creating a future for yourself, which is your 5 years goals and your one-year goals. And then you’re going to really dig into what is this most important thing that I want to achieve over the next 12 months of my life and then you’ll start to see what’s most important.

And as you do that you’re going to start to fill this out, which is what we call a ‘Vision Circle’ which is this image right here, which we’re going to get into here. So what a vision circle is you have this outcome that you want and sometimes it’s not as tangible. So. You know, maybe it’s you saying, ‘I want to make a million dollars is here.’

That’s very tangible. But maybe it’s something like, you know, I want to have ultimate freedom in my life over these next 12 months which for you is a very powerful emotional pull but from a tangibility perspective, you’ve got to figure out well, what’s going to get you to this ultimate Freedom.

Why do you want it and who are you going to become as a result of this outcome? And then this will start to give you a roadmap. So that’s exactly what you want to do.

Let’s just say the goal for the sake of this exercise is ‘Ultimate Freedom’ then you go ahead and fill that out here. What it is that I really want its ‘ultimate freedom’ and then you’re going to go – in terms of goals – fill out right here certain tangible outcomes that it’s going to take you there. Maybe that’s a certain amount of money that you need to make or perhaps you might need to sell your home or sell your car or sell certain assets or maybe freedom to you is moving wherever it is in the world that you want to move or whatever it is that freedom means to you in terms of tangibility and things you need to accomplish over the next 12 months.

That’s where you’re going to write down here and one of the three key areas of vision circle is goals. The next one is purposes. Why you want it? Well, why is it that you want freedom in your life?  Perhaps it gives you that extra source of adventure that you want in your life or maybe freedom to you means breaking the shackles of you know, the corporate machine or something, something like that you want to write down.

These sense of purpose around getting to that outcome, right? So what it is it that you want? Why do you want it and then most importantly (and this is something that all of us tend to forget because we just want to get into these tactics of goal setting and how to set goals etc. which are essential means goals and means goals are means to an end right but) what’s the real end here?

The end to an outcome is a certain feeling you’re after or something that you want to change within yourself, or something you want to feel more consistently, which essentially is who you want to become as a result of getting to that outcome.

So, maybe freedom to you when you’re that questionable, ‘Well, who do I want to become as a result of having ultimate Freedom?’ Why I want to become someone who’s not shackled down by Corporate America or who creates his own destiny and is an entrepreneur? And you have a belief that becoming an entrepreneur is Ultimate freedom. I don’t know if it’s a one-year goal – speaking from experience.

Actually, that might be a 10-year goal. But definitely there is a path there, right? It is a good means goal to the end goal of ultimately who it is that you want to become. That’s why we put at the top here because that’s really the goal at the end of the day. A lot of coaching is about getting through the ‘What’ and the ‘why.’

To really dig deep and understand who is it that we want to become. What is it that we want to change in our lives and how do we bridge that gap? So on this worksheet, that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Coming from top, you’re going to create basically just a quick brain dump in a peak state again: go workout, go for a run, get your blood flowing, come back and start to write down and think about everything that you want your life and then break those down by 5 year goals, three your goals and when one year goals.

Then you’re going to take that and create whatever that number one thing is, that’s on top of your mind for that one year ago and we’re going to start to create this Vision Circle. So the real outcome here:

What is it that I really want? Well, maybe it’s a life of Freedom right? Maybe that’s in your one-year goal. Hey, I want a great Freedom within a year, great! That’s the outcome.

 Okay. Now, what are the goals? Okay in order to create Freedom within a year, I need to make a quarter-million dollars, I need to quit my job. And I need to sell everything in my house and find a place on earth that I can live and stretch out my quarter-million dollars for the next 10 years or something like that. Right?

Why is it that I want that because my ultimate purpose in life is to have the freedom to be able to travel and do things and who I want to become as a result of this is the person that is the ultimate self of me which is you know, this is a man of ultimate Freedom, right?


So, that’s how essentially we create a compelling future for yourself: deciding on the goals, breaking those down, brain-dumping it in there; which will essentially start to create a picture for you and then breaking that all the way down into who I want to become as a result of this and I guarantee something going to click and you’re going to find that ultimate vision.

Hope this was helpful? As always reach out to me. Send me an e-mail. Send me a ping if you have any more questions and next time cheers.


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