It Takes a Tribe

Tribes are carefully curated growth-minded groups who come together to accelerate each other’s personal and professional development.

The Tribe Methodology

The Tribe methodology was born from my personal journey working for the world’s leading peak performance coaching brand and as a startup founder, two industries obsessed with productivity, performance, and growth. I’ve combined principles from both verticals into a framework to help ignite and accelerate what is humanly possible.


The Tribe Framework, backed by 40+ years of collective performance coaching experience, brings each member through a systematic process of goal setting, identity alignment, establishing measurables, prioritizing actions, and iterations to condition the tribe member to becoming his or her ultimate self.

Collective Growth

The power of proximity with tribe members on similar paths sharing similar goals and challenges has a compounding effect to everyone involved. As seen in group settings such as technology accelerators, alcoholics anonymous (AA), partner interval training (PIT), and immersive personal development events, these supportive environments allow for a collective rising of tides while supporting the unique challenges of each individual.


The odds are stacked against us when it comes to implementing new habits, and frameworks for growth are only valuable when individuals are consistent in showing up to them. Tribes are designed to leverage both social and individual accountability. The collective tribe is built to support each individual socially and the coach holds each individual accountable while ensuring a safe space for members to evolve.

Tribe Experience: How it Works

Tribes meet virtually twice a month for 60 minutes each session. An experienced Goalsetting.org coach facilitates each meeting and curates an environment built on trust, support, and accountability. Prior to each session, tribe members complete sessions intakes allowing the coach to tailor each session to the unique needs of the tribe. Each Tribe is limited to a maximum of 9 members.

A Tribe Membership is $299 per month, with an initial 90 day commitment.


Fill out a brief set of questions to help us understand your goals, challenges, and who you are to better understand how we can serve you.


Upon application acceptance we will schedule a video chat to ensure Joining a Tribe is the right fit for your current situation. We’ll also answer any questions you have about the tribe experience.

1:1 Kickoff

Once your tribe and coach is hand-picked, your coach will set up a kickoff call to cover program structure, meeting times, and on-boarding homework. Following your kick off call, you’ll be introduced to your tribe.

Tribe Sessions

Tribe Sessions are performed twice per month for 60 minutes. Each session is designed to facilitate rapid growth while remaining flexible enough to support unique individual challenges.

Weekly Tracking

Each member is required to complete pre-call intakes along with weekly accountability intakes each Friday so the coach can track and monitor your growth.


Each Tribe member has full access to all courses and products.

One-on-one coaching sessions are also available for an additional investment.



Our current life conditions and peer groups are a result of who we have become, not who we can be. To transform our world, we must first go within and transform ourselves. Stagnation is not our destiny, nor is isolation. So, we come together as a tribe to join a collective mission in the pursuit of becoming our ultimate self to expand our reach of spreading love and light on to others.

Who is this for?


Founders & Entrepreneurs

We recognize founders are a special breed. Tribes are a supportive environments where founders with similar stage startups can receive guidance and accountability for growth at scale.



Carrying the role of a C-suite executive comes with it’s unique set of challenges. Executive Tribes are design to support leaders and are led by experienced executive/leadership coaches.

Performance based employees

Performance-based Employees

Tribe coaching and framework is a perfect fit if your income is directly tied to your output. Join a Tribe and you will be placed with members in similar position to help elevate each other’s potential.

No peer group

People Who Lack a Peer Group

If you are in need of a peer group to help elevate what is possible in your personal or professional life, you have come to the right place.


How do I know I’ll receive the individual treatment I need?

The Tribe Methodology is built to elevate each individual’s unique journey through collective growth and accountability. From the moment you are on-boarded and through each tribe session, the experience is tailored to accelerate your individual development first, while also allowing your growth to lift up others.

What type of results can I expect?

The framework put in place is developed to help you accelerate rapidly in your personal and professional work. Just as gyms are set up with the tools required to reach peak fitness, your level of participation and commitment will determine the true impact made long term.

Who will be in my Tribe?

Tribes are carefully assembled by our core team based on behavioral traits, values, goals, and communication styles. You will be placed in a tribe with like-minded individuals who are looking to achieve similar output as you.

I’m not in to homework, no time to fill out intakes, can I join?

Prior to each session, each Tribe member is required to complete an intake to track and measure their development and help the coach and Tribe understand how best to support you. Documenting your journey, goals, measurables, and iterations are an integral part of the framework. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and apply to join, but it is not a fit if you cannot participate fully.

So. Many. Questions. Can I speak with someone?

Yes. Send us an email at tribes@goalsetting.org and we will reach out to set up a time to chat.

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